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A Bitter Taste Of Life is a collection of three short screenplays that explore the darker corners of love. The reader will follow three different persepctives yet find that each story is hauntingly silmilar in themes. 

Unattainable follows the story of Libby and Scott who have an on and off again kind of relationship. Although they both want to take it to the next level something always holds them back. This story explores the uncertainties of young love and how sometimes we let fear get in the way of what we truly want. 

Fortuity is a story about how a marriage falls apart moments after a car crash. This story gets inside the head of the husband, Edwin, as he tries to come to terms with reality and his future. 

Disillusionment will show you a toxic side of love from the perspective of an addict. Tyler has loss all sense of reality and his paranoia has him questioning everything he has ever known about his relationship with his girlfriend. 


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