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Meet The Team!

Thank you to my friends Caitlin & Tom for taking on this project. You've made my dreams come true!

Caitlin Stedman

Hi, I'm Caitlin! I was born and raised in Upstate New York at the base of the Adirondack Mountains. Storytelling makes me feel deeply connected to the human race. At our core, we are all weaving a powerful narrative throughout our lives. Nothing makes me feel more alive than seeing something play out in my head and then putting all the pieces together in the real world while working with other people to make that vision come to life. Since 2012, I have had the privilege of writing and directing multiple short films with my company Snarky Aardvark Films, LLC. We  work mostly with local artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as, crafting scripted narrative shorts. I love the balance between the solo act of writing and the collaborative nature of filmmaking. (For questions, business inquires and scripts.)

Tom Appler

Tom Appler is from Queensbury, New York. As a child, Tom was drawn to the bizarre images, tension, scares, and the macabre that was created in the horror film genre. As Tom grew older, he learned to appreciate the effort it took to create those images and tensions, and as a result, appreciated the effort it took to make films of all genres as a whole. Tom gives and thrives on passion, excitement, and enthusiasm while making projects of all kinds. Drawn to the creativity and that same passion, has been part of the film-making process with the founder of Snarky Aardvark Films, Caitlin Stedman since 2012. Tom has been sound engineer and overall “Jack of all Trades" on Snarky Aardvark related creations, doing whatever is needed for the best of the project. His goal is to help create films and projects that will affect and entertain viewers on a positive level while also experiencing the enjoyment of creating something special out of nothing. Some of Tom’s favorite filmmakers include John Carpenter, Gareth Evens, Tim Burton, Edgar Wright, Wes Craven, Stephen Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn, James Cameron, Jon Favreau, Joe Dante, Robert Rodriguez, Guillermo Del Toro, Sam Raimi, Richard Donner, Chuck Russell, Rob Reiner, Shane Black, Isaac Florentine, and Tommy Wirkola.

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