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Black and White Boots Movie Poster-3.png


The truth about a man's marriage comes to surface moments after a car crash.

Experimental-Drama - Mystery 

16 pages


 A troubled man loses grip of reality as he searches for his missing girlfriend. With the help of his sketchy neighbor, he digs deeper into his addiction problem leading him down a dark path where the mystery  around the sudden dissaperance of his girlfriend unfolds. 

Drama - Thriller - Mystery

60 Pages

Monochrome Horror Movie Poster-2.png


Suffering from amnesia, an elderly woman awaits the return of a special companion. 

Drama - Mystery

30 Pages

a lasting first impression-3.png

A Lasting First Impression

A widow seeking closure finds comfort in the arms of her husband's mistress. 


30 Pages


Synchrony Enterprises has changed the dating game for high class citizens by allowing them to create their ideal partner. They have brainwashed the masses into thinking that human connection is dead. That is except for Gemma who is skeptical of this craze. She spends every night at her favorite underground dance club hoping to find her soulmate. Feeling down on her luck, she is about to give in to this match-making service that her father's company is forcing onto citizens. That is until she meets Zeppelin, a charming fugitive who she finds a true human connection with. To make things more complicated,  Zeppelin knows the truth about Synchrony Enterprises. Will Gemma risk exposing the truth for a shot of real love?


Sci-Fi - Tech Noir - Drama - Romance

38 Pages



Black and White Romantic Comedy Movie Po


Blonde Girl Sunlight Movie Poster-3.png


A young man and woman spend years reminiscing about the first night they spent together. After years of denying how they truly feel, one night something sparks inside them and they can no longer run away from the truth. 

Drama - Romance

44 pages

A drama about a daughter who puts her life on hold in order to take care of her father who is on the brink of dementia. As she recreates childhood memories in hope it'll help spark his memory, she realizes that all her father wants is for her to learn to let go and allow life to blossom into what it's meant to be. 

Drama - Family

118 pages

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