Behind Unattainable: A Short Film

What does it mean to be unattainable?

When I wrote this screenplay I wanted to tell the story about two people who would be perfect together but for whatever reason they never got the chance to make it work. Something always gets in their way. Maybe the timing is never right or when one person is ready the other person is with someone else. Whatever excuse they use to help them sleep at night doesn’t change the fact that it all comes down to them being emotionally unattainable.

Summary: Unattainable is a short romantic drama, written and directed by the talented Caitlin Stedman and myself, Kayla Ditlefsen. It tells a story about two young adults Libby & Scott who reminisce over their on/off relationship. After several years of denying their true feelings, Libby is convinced by her best friend Amber that she needs to finally confess her love to Scott or else she might miss out on a great opportunity.

Ask yourself this: How many times have you been pursuing a relationship and realize that something inside you is holding you back but you can’t figure out why. You try to convince yourself all the reasons why it would never work and you talk yourself out of something that could potentially be amazing.

Bottom line: We all put up that internal wall because we’re afraid of being vulnerable. We want to protect our hearts from the inevitable power of love.

The moment the audience is introduced to the main character's Libby and Scott, we get the sense of how vulnerable they truly are. Throughout the entire script, we see this touch and go relationship and realize that it’s not that the universe doesn’t want them to be together, it’s that they’re 100% scared to have something so real.They have serious chemistry and that fire doesn’t burn out over time. It keeps building over the years.

Now, they’re at a point in time where they have to make a decision to give it a chance. Scott is leaving and although he is a dreamer and believes they could make things work, Libby is hesitant. She isn’t quite ready to tear down that wall but between her best friend Amber and Scott’s patience maybe she will finally have the courage to take a leap of faith?


I think it’s very important to take the time to honor the talented cast members! Filming begins the end of September and I know that they will bring this story to a whole new level of amazing. We are very blessed to be working with you!

Meet our lead in the film, Bridget Dunigan, as Libby. Bridget has been acting most of her life, getting her start at Fort Salem Theatre and then working man years in NYC. She is a founding member of TP&co and their series Shakespeare Off-Broadway. Her favorite Off-Broadway roles include Rosalind in As You Like It and Laura in The Glass Menagerie. She was recently seen in the GFCT production of A Bad Year for Tomatoes. She is also the Managing Director for the Adirondack Theatre Festival.

  • Who is Libby? Libby is quiet, reserved, anxious girl who is driven by her emotions and stuck in her own head. She has undeniable chemistry with Scott but has a hard time expressing her feelings to him because she fears what she can't control and doesn’t want to ruin what they already have.


Meet our lead male in the film, Billy Tom Myott, as Scott. Billy is an American actor from upstate New York. He has been doing theatre since he was a kid, but now he has moved onto his dream and has transitioned into film and TV. He is most known for his role as Breck Chambers in Home (2014), and Haykal in the Night We Met (2015).

  • Who is Scott? Scott is laid-back, hardworking, and an aspiring actor/musician who smokes cigarettes as a nervous habit. Fresh out of a rocky relationship, he is ready to start a new journey and leave town but his feelings for Libby are making him question what it is he truly wants in life.


Hannah Jay is excited to play the role of Amber. As a seasoned actor of stage, she has performed with several repertory theaters throughout the Adirondacks in roles from Shakespeare to Neil Simon, and recently began her exploration into the art of film with Snarky Aardvark’s Ride to Destiny and now Unattainable. Since her debut as Nellie Forbush in South Pacific, he has appeared in various roles including such favorites as Catherine in The Foreigner and Corie Bratter in Barefoot in the PArk. Hannah graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Written Arts from Bard College (Annandale On Hudson, NY) where she learned to inspire emotion not just through the creation of written stories but also through performing arts.

  • Who is Amber? Amber is Libby’s outgoing, quirky and very energetic best friend, who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is supportive and understanding of Libby’s situation but she wishes Libby would step out of her comfort zone because she knows how perfect Libby and Scott would be together


Devin Funnye is taking on the role of Jimmy. Devin has been acting for just under 8 years, including performances at SUNY Adirondack earning 2 Parnassus awards for theater. He is delighted to join the Snarky Aardvark Films team on the production, which is only his second in the film industry; behind his appearance in Amazon’s “The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red”.

  • Who is Jimmy? Jimmy is Scott’s immature best friend who doesn’t take anything in life seriously. Jimmy is excited for Scott moving away but is oblivious to the fact that Scott is hung up on Libby.


Alexa Tumbarello will be playing the role of Sierra. Alexa is a graduate from the capital region who studies biology but has a passion for the arts. When she is not studying or acting, she enjoys songwriting, hiking, and mountain biking, and binge-watching the Great British Baking Show.

  • Who is Sierra? Sierra is Jimmy’s high maintenance girlfriend who loves to be the center of attention wherever she goes. She’s secretly jealous of how close Jimmy and Scott are because it takes attention away from her.



Caitlin Stedman is a filmmaker born and raised in Upstate New York. Since 2012, she has had the privilege of writing and directing multiple short films with her company Snarky Aardvark Films, LLC. Her short films have screened at Ballston Spa Film Festival, Buffalo Film Festival, People’s Pixel Project, Best Shorts Awards, and have been on TVFILM (WMHT). If you’re local you’ve probably seen Caitlin’s name in The Chronicle or The Post-Star.

You can check out her amazing film projects and learn more about Snarky Aardvark Films, LLC by going to the website:


You kind of know who I am because of this website but....

Kayla Ditlefsen is a published author & screenwriter from Upstate New York. She has written several scripts over the years including award winning script Disillusionment, which has made it into 3 film festivals/ contests, including: Los Angeles CineFest & Windy City International Film Festival. Kayla lives by the motto: Dream Big. Dream Bigger. She is dedicated to making her dreams come true and always pushing forward despite the setbacks the screenwriting industry may have. Luckily for her, she had become friends with Caitlin and knew that together they could collaborate and make an amazing film.



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